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初一英语作文:我的网友(My Net Friend) 初二英语作文:如何过周末(How to spend sunday) 初一英语作文:石器时代的人们(Stone Age People) 初二英语作文:我的暑假 初二英语作文:种花(planting flowers) 初一英语作文:修理电

1.A dull day(写无聊的一天是如何度过的)2.Go to see a film(写看电影的经过)3.A birthday party(写我的生日聚会或参加别人的生日聚会)4.My trip(写我的一次旅行)5.My best friend(写我最好的朋友的外貌、性格特点等)6.My favourite food(写我最喜欢的食物)7.My favourite festival(写我最喜欢的节日)8.A holiday plan(写一个假期的计划)9.A study plan(写一个学习计划)10.I like read books(写我怎样的喜欢看书)

题目:Something about the future正文:Not long in the future,people's life will have big changes as well as people's basic necessities of life.Even there will be robots appearing to help us.And there will be pilotless automobile which can help us get to

I had a good summer vacation. First I went to Beijing with my parents and visited many places of interest. Second I joined a music club and practise playing guitar every day .Then I went to help the o


1. I'm 13 years old and I live in the city of Zhaoqing. I study very well. I have a sister.Everyone loves us.But they often compare my brother with me.This makes me angry.I don't want to be like my brother. I only want to be myself. I am active girl.I like

go home often pets in the office student' uniforms entrance examination to college cellphones in the school after-school class opinoins on TV talk show online shopping e-book and e- library fast food of knowledge sorry,我只能想到这些了!

Welcome, although we had her long time no see, but we always is the best ones, we will be in the best way to treat you

My goalI have a dream that I get into a good university and become a useful talent!!!!! Wake up, my heart also has a goal-admitted to famous university!Now already is six grade last semester, I will say goodbye to the elementary school, walk into my

《初中英语作文题目》大全(属本人精心总结):1、《我的暑假》my vacation;my summer vacation;my holiday;my summer vacation.2、《我的暑假日记》my summer diary;3、《我的暑假旅行》my summer travel;4、《我的暑假计划》my plan


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