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In ten years,my life will be much different from it is today.I won't live in the small apartment at that time.I'll live in a big house with my parents. And the living level will be better as well.I can buy lots of things then.I won't be a student at that time. I start to

with the development of science and technology , we will have many choices to face challenge .so I believe that our life are full of happinness.intthe 2020..we can take a seat by aircraft to work .and no matter where we will go .we can use computer to

The life in 2020 we now go to 2020 year.Everyone is very happy,and every home is rich.There is no poor,and children can recieve the non-paid education ,each day is very long ,because they have no homework,just play and get the knowledge what

life is not mere survival. we confront a variety of chanllenges and difficulties in our whole life.life is also closed related with them.thus,we also should have a strong will to conquer all kinds of difficulties .then,let me explain the reason. we should

My DreamEveryone has a lot of dreams.Some people want to be rich,dreaming of becoming millionaires overnight.Others want to be famous,dreaming of suddenly jumping to great fame.I have a lot of dreams,

Dear Ms Jenkins,I want to tell you something about my plan for the summer vacation and I'd like you to dome a favor.(点名主题:暑假,请帮忙)To get some working experience, I plan to find a part-time job in a foreign capital company(要点

Passage 1(09福建) 某英语报社拟成立“微笑俱乐部”,现向癸未征募会员.要求申请者提交一篇题为“I want to Smile”的英语短文.请你以申请者的身份,根据以下思路图的提示用英语写一篇短文. 注意: 1. 根据思路图适当展开,以使行

Parents love their children by nature, where Chinese mothers and fathers are no exceptions. Chinese parents tend to dote on their children because each family is allowed to

Touching the keyboard and clicking the mouse is whether good or bad for people, it may difficult to tell. As the saying goes: Every coin has its two sides. Computers are harmful as well as useful and helpful. It is important to know the advantages and


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